Space Concordia Cubesat Could Fly via ESA Program

For the Space Concordia team which won the inaugural Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) last fall the cooperative agreement between Canada and the European Space Agency (ESA) could pave the way to have their CubeSat flown.

Larry Reeves who started the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge confirmed that Space Concordia’s Cubesat had been selected in the ESA “Fly Your Satellite” program and that there was the possibility that it, along with other entries, could be launched in the latter half of 2014 according to the ESA Education office which is finalizing arrangements for the flight.

Space Concordia is one of six successful teams, out of a total of 17 entrants from ESA members states to be selected for the program.

Nick Sweet, the leader of the Concordia team, was thrilled at the news. “This is absolutely amazing,” he said. “Our whole team worked incredibly hard on this project, and we’re extremely excited by the prospect of launching and operating our satellite.” The satellite will contain a modified Geiger Tube, an instrument which will map plasma changes in a portion of the Van Allen radiation belts which surround the Earth.


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