Space Governance Takes Centre Stage in New Cybersecurity and Outer Space Series

Cybersecurity and Outer Space series. Credit: Centre for International Governance and Innovation.

The Waterloo based Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) has released a new series of essays on Cybersecurity and Outer Space.

The comprehensive series of 17 essays is divided into three primary sections; space security and risk, international governance and challenges, and global perspectives and the pursuit of inclusivity. The latter includes an essay from a Chinese academic on Chinese Thinking on the Space-Cyber Nexus.

CIGI describes the series as follows.

The dramatic expansion of space capabilities has transformed space systems into critical infrastructure for many aspects of human society and for national security. With opportunities for global societal benefits come risks. The global governance framework remains weak and contested. Vulnerabilities now exist with space systems, and these are especially pronounced in the face of cyberthreats. We now confront a volatile “space-cyber nexus,” which this essay series explores across a diverse and wide range of perspectives. The series is organized around three themes: space security and risk; international governance challenges; and global perspectives and the pursuit of inclusivity.

Centre for International Governance Innovation

The list of essays includes;


Space Security and Risk

International Governance and Challenges

Global Perspectives and the Pursuit of Inclusivity

There are also three short videos including;

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