Space Flight Laboratory Built Satellites for GHGSat Exceed Design Capacity

GHGSat-C3, GHGSat-C4 and GHGSat-C5 fully integrated and ready for launch (protective covers and aperture cover for shipping only). Credit: Space Flight Laboratory/GHGSat.

Toronto based Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) announced last Thursday (Sept. 8) that the satellites they built for GHGSat had “achieved sustained detection and measurement of methane emissions at double the design capacity of the satellites.”

The Space Flight Laboratory, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has a history of innovating technology for small satellites including formation flying and drag sail technology.

In a press release GHGSat stated that all nine operational satellites use its low-cost, high-performance NEMO microsatellite bus.

The nine operational satellites include the GHGSat-D (CLAIRE) demonstration satellite which was launched in 2016 and which “has exceeded its operational design life by more than two years.”

The other “eight commercial satellites, GHGSat-C1-C8, launched individually and in clusters since 2020, are in excellent health.”

GHGSat President Stephane Germain said that “the SFL-built satellites have exceeded our expectations regarding technological performance. Each satellite is now making twice as many emission measurements per day as originally planned. This performance has enabled us to push our monitoring capability further, helping more clients better understand and reduce their emissions.”

SFL Director Dr. Robert E. Zee added “SFL is pleased to play an important role in GHGSat’s global success by developing its core company-owned satellite assets. At SFL, we take pride in building affordable small satellites that outperform – often exceeding operational specifications and outlasting their design lives.”

SFL along with many other organizations are in Paris this week for the annual World Satellite Business Week organized by Euroconsult.

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