SkyWatch adds Sidus Space as TerraStream Customer

Artist rendering of LizzieSat. Credit: Sidus Space.

Sidus Space today announced it had selected Kitchener-Waterloo based SkyWatch as a partner to distribute commercial data from its satellite constellation through the TerraStream service.

Sidus which is publicly traded on NASDAQ:SIDU through a traditional offering in 2021, is a spinoff of founder Carol Craig’s Craig Technologies. The company has built a good reputation over 10 years on the Florida Space Coast for its manufacturing skills.

Lizziesat. Credit: Sidus Space.
Lizziesat. Credit: Sidus Space.

The company plans to build a constellation of up to 120 small satellites in low Earth Orbit. The first satellite in the constellation, LizzieSat-1 is expected to launch this year into a “into a mid-inclination Low Earth Orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida.”

LizzieSat-1 will have a suite of sensors that according to the company that “will supply mission-based data to clients and consumers focused on climate change, maritime shipping industry activities, and other commercially relevant interests.”

Sidus cited SkyWatch’s TerraStream as providing “end-to-end data management and distribution capabilities to satellite operators, and provides an accelerated path to grow revenue and new markets through EarthCache, SkyWatch’s remote sensing platform.”

Credit: Sidus Space.
Credit: Sidus Space.

In a press release Carol Craig, Sidus Space Founder and CEO said “a key part of our business plan has always included monetizing high-impact data for insights on virtually every commercial sector, and, as we prepare to launch LizzieSat™ this year, this agreement represents an important milestone on that journey. As new customers and industries begin to understand how Space-based data can impact business strategy, we believe that Sidus is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand.”

Joel Cumming, Chief Technology Officer at SkyWatch added “We’re thrilled to partner with Sidus Space on their mission to ‘Bring Space Down to Earth. We share a mission to make Earth observation and remote sensing data more accessible to solve critical issues, and we look forward to working with the team at Sidus as they continue this important work.”

Adding the volume of data that could be produced from a larger constellation would certainly enhance the value of TerraStream for SkyWatch

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