Podcast Episode 12 – Graham Gibbs on the Space Advisory Board Report

Canada hasn’t had a National Space Policy since 1974. Currently the government is looking to announce a new Space Strategy this fall. Recently, the Space Advisory Board released its report after concluding consultations with stakeholders. On today’s show we’ll get insights on space policy from Graham Gibbs.

Graham didn’t hold back on his comments, delivering praise for the Space Advisory Board report, but criticizing the previous Conservative government for shelving the 2008 long term space plan and decimating the Canadian Space Agency’s education and public outreach budget.

Graham joined the Canadian Space Agency in 1988 and spent 22 years in Washington where he first served as the Head of the Canadian Space Agency office at the NASA Space Station Freedom Program Office in Reston, Virginia between 1988 and 1993. He then became Canada’s Counsellor for Space Affairs from the Canadian Space Agency at the Canadian Embassy.

While representing the Canadian Space Programing in Washington, Graham was involved in several multinational initiatives. These included: (a) the International Space Station Program, including the negotiations to bring Russia into the partnership in which he was Head of the Agency-level negotiating team and Deputy-Head of the government level delegation; (b) a member of the Canadian Delegation led by Environment Canada for the creation of the international Group on Earth Observations; (c) and a core member of the Canadian Space Agency Delegation in the development by fourteen space agencies, of The Global Exploration Strategy and the resulting International Space Exploration Coordination Group.

Graham returned to Canada in August 2010 to take up the position of Senior Policy Advisor in the Canadian Space Agency Ottawa Government Liaison Office until his retirement in 2012.


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  1. @11:20 “except space launch” – don’t forget the Black Brant! Sure not an orbital vehicle, but certainly still fits under the umbrella of “space launch”.

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