Outer Space Security Lexicon Published

Outer Space Security Lexicon. Image credit: SWF/UNIDIR.

The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) and the Secure World Foundation have released a lexicon for Outer Space Security.

The 42 page publication is meant to “facilitate a shared understanding of key topics and terms.” The editors are Almudena Azcárate Ortega of UNIDIR and Victoria Samson of the Secure World Foundation.

According to its authors the “document aims to serve as a global reference point for terminological issues related to space security. It should be noted that the Lexicon does not intend to establish uniform definitions for all, but rather highlight, when necessary, that different stakeholders may interpret key concepts in differing ways, thus providing clarity and aiding in achieving common understanding on space security.”

The lexicon is divided into three sections with the first section providing 32 acronyms most of which are familiar with the space community.

The second section provides common definitions and is divided into four sections: Space Objects; Space Orbits and Locations; Space Services and Activities; and Space System Components.

The third section is divided into three sections: Counterspace Capabilities; Principles & Concepts of United Nations Space Treaties; and Space Policy Discussions (Misc.).

The release of the lexicon comes just a few weeks ahead of the UNIDIR Outer Space Security Conference 2023, a hybrid event being held in Geneva and online September 13 and 14.

Read online or download the lexicon:

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