Opinion: Canada can’t afford not to be in space

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.

In an opinion published in the Hill Times today, MDA CEO Mike Greenley is out to remind the government and the political class that space is not only an engine for Canada’s economy now, but also for its recovery during this pandemic and the future.

The message is reminiscent in some ways to the Don’t Let Go Canada campaign. The message is spot on, but there is one troubling point.

Greenley states that “People sometimes ask me how Canada can afford to be in space when there are so many problems that need our attention here on Earth, especially in light of the global pandemic. That’s when I realize that those of us working in this industry haven’t done a good enough job of explaining how essential space is to our everyday lives.”

We hear this point often. And will continue to hear it. It’s in part because people are so busy with their daily lives, their world, they don’t pay attention, or think about, or are willing to learn, how some of the services and technology they use, work. That’s not going away.

But reminding people in government, people who make decisions, and hold fiscal sway, that is important. And that’s who this opinion is targeting.

However, at some point someone should find the money for an ad campaign, a public service announcement. One that has spots on TV, radio, and online, that targets all Canadians, all age groups, with simple messages that tell them how space is benefiting them every day, from a service and economic perspective.

“Did you know …”

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