Next National Earth Observation Forum to be Held in October

RADARSAT Constellation Mission artist rendering. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

As Canada continues to implement its Strategy for Satellite Earth Observation, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) on behalf of other federal departments is organizing another National Earth Observation Forum.

The last National Earth Observation Forum was held in the fall of 2018 [our coverage]. Over 200 attendees provided input which was used to craft what became Canada’s Strategy for Satellite Earth Observation which was released this past January.

That strategy included four objectives:

  • Free, open and accessible satellite data through “open data,” more “job creation and innovation” programs, and more domestic and international partnerships.
  • Use satellite Earth observations for climate change and other “issues that matter to Canadians,” such as environmental and health indicators.
  • Strengthen satellite service delivery, including modernizing ground infrastructure and developing a yet-to-be determined “next generation” of government satellites and services, through procurement and R&D. New satellites are not immediately forthcoming, though. During a media question-and-answer session, CSA president Lisa Campbell pointed to the RADARSAT series of satellites and international collaborations (such as CloudSat) as the main source of the satellite delivery for the time being, along with a potential wildfire-focused satellite for the future.
  • Focus on skills development for students, including Earth observation education opportunities, and partnerships with Indigenous and northern communities.

The CSA said the Forum is scheduled for October 4, 5 and 6th and will be hybrid format that will include some in-person sessions as well as virtual participation. Some of the workshops will be held online only. More information on the Forum will be released at a later date.

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