MODIS Image of West Central Canada

NASA’s MODIS or Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, a key instrument on the Terra satellite, took this spectacular image of west central Canada on September 13th.
The top quarter of the image shows the Northwest Territories and Great Slave Lake. Below the Northwest Territories from left to right are the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. On the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan is Lake Athabasca.

In the southern parts of these provinces you can see the transition from the plains of Central Canada to the rugged mountains of Western Canada. In the lower left corner of the image, the Rocky Mountains form a grey-brown arch, and a few of the peaks are still capped with snow. To the east of the mountains, the autumn agricultural fields appear as tiny variegated dark green and light brown specks.
List of available images:
1. 1 kilometer resolution (606.7 KB)
2. 500 meter resolution (2.3 MB)
3. 250 meter resolution (6.2 MB)

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