Magellan Aerospace to provide avionics for MDA’s Earth observation CHORUS satellite

File photo. Magellan Aerospace.

Winnipeg based Magellan Aerospace announced this morning it had received a contract from MDA to provide the spacecraft avionic systems for its CHORUS satellite.

The CHORUS constellation includes an initial MDA developed C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite along with an X-band SAR satellite provided by ICEYE.

The value of the contract was not made public. The press release stated that “Magellan will be responsible for the design, manufacture, test, and delivery of the bus avionics system for the C-band SAR satellite. The bus avionics include the satellite bus power control and distribution, communications, attitude control, orbit determination, and on-board telemetry data collection. Key avionics deliverables include Magellan’s Power Control Unit and Command and Data Handling Unit.”

Magellan said the avionics subsystems will be developed at its Winnipeg Canada’s Advanced Satellite Integration Facility. That’s the same facility which was used to develop the three MAC-200 satellite buses for the RADARSAT Constellation Mission.

Mr. Phillip C. Underwood, Magellan’s President and CEO said, “Magellan’s Winnipeg facility has a legacy for quality space systems that began in 1959 with the first Black Brant rocket launch and has grown to include five spacecraft currently orbiting Earth that are meeting or exceeding operational requirements. Magellan is pleased to contribute to MDA’s CHORUS mission that will provide valuable synthetic aperture radar data to customers around the globe.”

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