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Jeremy Hansen: Look to Space to Solve Climate Change

The CBC's Power and Politics host Vassy Kapelos interviews Jeremy Hansen on climate change and solutions from space. Credit: CBC.

The CBC has launched a new limited series called the Big Fix and astronaut Jeremy Hansen is one of the guests. He said we should look to space to help solve climate change.

It’s not the first time the CBC has used the moniker “The Big Fix” for a series, so don’t get confused if you search for it on Google or Bing.

This time around the series “asks Canadians how they would solve the big problems facing the country.”

Even though Hansen hasn’t been to space yet, he like most astronauts, understands that climate change is a global problem that will require everyone on Earth collaborating to meet the challenge.

The CBC series is hosted on the Power & Politics show.

Hansen told host Vassy Kapelos “if you put a satellite in orbit around the earth… you can image the entire planet. So while you’re providing a solution for Canadians you’re starting to provide a global picture. If you choose a space solution, you can do it for the entire globe at once.”

Watch the 9 minute interview below.

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