How Will Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Use the RADARSAT Constellation Mission Data?

Data from the RADARSAT Constellation Mission will help farmers. Credit: Canadian Space Agency/Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada is just one of 14 government departments that will use the data from the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) to benefit Canadians.

In this video, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada discuss how the data will be used for agricultural monitoring. As an example, farmers and scientists will be able to use the data from RCM to identify what crops are being grown, how much water is in the soil and the health of the crop. It’s expected that various stakeholders will use the data to create innovative new products.

The launch of RCM is scheduled for June 12, 2019 at 10:17 a.m. EDT and you can follow RCM news as it happens.


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