GHGSat Signs Data Agreement With the Canadian Space Agency and European Space Agency

GHGSat signs agreement with CSA and ESA. Credit: ESA.

GHGSat, a global emissions monitoring company, has signed a memorandum of intent with the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The deal will see GHGSat providing 5% of the GHGSat-C1 Iris satellite imaging capacity for free. The CSA and ESA will use that capacity for remote sensing, climate research, and data validation projects according to a GHGSat Tweet.

GHGSat made the announcement at ESA’s Earth Observation Phi Week conference. The conference is being live streamed.

The GHGSat-C1 Iris satellite was to have launched this month on a Arianespace Vega launch, however a failure of the last Vega launch in July prompted a delay until the investigation was over.

That investigation reported that a second stage motor was the likely cause. Arianespace is planning on returning the Vega launcher into service in early 2020. GHGSat-C1 is scheduled to be on that first launch.

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