ESA Solicits Ideas and Interest for Technology Transfer Programme

The European Space Agency (ESA) is soliciting ideas and interest for their Technology Transfer Programme (TTP). Since 1979 Canada has had a cooperating agreement with ESA meaning Canadians could participate in some ESA programs. The TTP is one such program where Canadians can participate in.

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) is looking to place a contract for assistance in its encouragement and support of technology transfer within the ESA Member States from space technology developers to other industrial and commercial sectors.
The contract has an anticipated ceiling price of 4.2 million ($5.6 CAN), an anticipated duration of 3 years and an anticipated starting date on the 1st May 2012. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) for this contract is envisaged to be published on EMITS in late 2011.
Some issues which respondents may wish to address are given below:
– How support can be offered to most effectively facilitate the transfer of technology between all Member States?
– How economic added value of space technology and transfer support can best be captured and evaluated?
– How external support is most effectively integrated with ESA knowledge and systems?
– How external support can be best coordinated with initiatives in individual Member States?
– How could support for the spin-out Technology Transfer described in this document be integrated with actions to spin-in new technologies to the space domain?
– How can Technology Transfer support be synergetic with the activities of the ESA Business Incubation Centres?
– What role is there for Technology Forecasting as part of the support for technology transfer?
– How internet based technologies can most effectively be utilized to promote technology transfer?
ESA recommends interested parties consult the following websites:
ESA technology Transfer Programme
technology Forum
Interested companies should send an e:mail to by September 14th, 2011.

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