CSA Releases Lunar Gateway Robotics – Canadarm3 Industry Day Presentation

CSA Lunar Gateway Phase 1. Credit: CSA Lunar Gateway Phase1Canadian Space Agency.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has released the slide presentation from the Lunar Gateway Robotics – Canadarm3 industry webinar held on August 13.

The Industry Day webinar was part of the Lunar Gateway Robotics – Canadarm3 ongoing Letter of Interest / Request for Information process the CSA initiated on July 26.

That process is designed to engage “suppliers in support of the Lunar Gateway robotics requirement. Industry Engagement activities will be used to give vendors an overview of the Gateway Robotics System Concept and support Canada in the development of key requirements, sourcing strategies and project timelines optimization.”

Canadarm3 - Notional System Overview
Canadarm3 – Notional System Overview. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

Canada has committed to participate in the NASA led Artemis program which includes the Lunar Gateway. That commitment includes $1.9 billion over 24 years as part of an overall new space strategy.

While the Canadarm3 is not necessary for the Artemis program initial goal of landing astronauts on the moon by the end of 2024, NASA has stated the arm will be needed going forward as the Lunar Gateway evolves.

The CSA is currently conducting one-on-one meetings with interested companies through the late fall. A second industry day is being held on September 18. The Request for Proposals is expected in early 2020.

The CSA presentation

You can read the presentation online or download it.

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