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CSA STRATOS balloon program makes Timmins a scientific hub

High school students from the Timmins area participating in the STRATOS 2022 campaign, posing in front of the balloon containing their experiments

While low Earth orbit SmallSats are having a revolutionary effect on Earth observation, other approaches based on other technologies, like stratospheric balloons, have a role to play as well. At a media availability day on August 18, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) discussed the stratospheric balloon program (STRATOS) and the balloons’ important scientific and expanding role, and its value to the Timmins’ community. 

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The number of small launch vehicles under development shrinks

Small launch vehicles survey 2022

In his annual survey of small launch vehicles, Carlos Niederstrasser of Northrop Grumman says the survey is now tracking 166 vehicles, up very slightly from the year before. However, the number of vehicles in development has been going down since the high of the 2020 survey. Notably though, it appears small launch vehicles are on track to launching once a month, a marked improvement. This …

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MDA revises Q3 outlook due to program slowdowns

Artist concept of the new MDA Mission Control Centre

MDA said slowdowns in two space programs will lead to fewer revenues in Q3, during financial results released Friday (Aug. 12). But the company emphasized that it is working on guidance for 2023 and that the overall space market is strong, along with MDA’s customer base.

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New report shows Canadians confused about the value of space

A global report on what on Earth is the value of space. Credit: Inmarsat.

Canadians enjoy space, but don’t really recognize how important it is for our everyday lives. That’s one of the takeaway messages from a new Inmarsat report, which surveyed 20,000 people globally. Among the Canadian group, 40% say they are hopeful about the possibilities of space and 32% say they are excited.

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