Nautilus-X – NASA's Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept

Nautilus-X – NASA’s Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept – Long-duration space journey vehicle for crew of 6 for periods of 1 -24 months – CIS-lunar would be initial Operations Zone [shakedown phase] – Exo-atmospheric, Space-only vehicle – Integrated Centrifuge for Crew Health – Life Support in deployed Large Volume with shirt-sleeve servicing – Truss & Stringer thrust-load distribution concept (non-orthogird) – Capable of utilizing variety …

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Harper Government to Review Aerospace Policy and Programs

The Harper Government released its 2011 budget today which all three opposition parties said they would not support in its current form leading to speculation the government will fall and trigger an election for either May 2nd or May 9th. However one key item in the budget, should it go forward, is a comprehensive review of aerospace policy and programs.

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Federal Budget 2011 for the Canadian Space Sector

Today is budget day and we’ll be covering it as the day progresses. What does it mean for the Canadian space sector? Will the Canadian Space Agency budget increase or decrease? What new programs if any will be started? Does the Department of National Defence get an increase? What about research & development. Follow SpaceRef Canada on Twitter at @CanadaInSpace and on this live blog …

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NASA Tweetup Rolls with "Wheels"

Astronaut and Expedition 25 Commander Doug “Wheels” Wheelock was the honored guest at a Tweetup held at NASA Headquarters on Mar. 16. More than 90 “Tweeps,” or users of the social medium Twitter, were on hand to see Wheelock’s presentation of his recent five-month-plus stay aboard the International Space Station.

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MDA Signs Intelsat as Anchor Tenant for On-Orbit Servicing

MDA 2017 satellite servicing concept

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) today announced it has entered into an agreement with Intelsat S.A. as its anchor tenant for its Space Infrastructure Servicing (SIS) vehicle which could be in service by 2015. This is a major step forward for the Richmond, BC headquartered company as it helps create a new commercial space segment.

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This Week in Space for Canada

As MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) commences the downsizing of the Brampton based robotics group responsible for the iconic Canadarms, a small group of Canadian Space Agency (CSA) subcontractors and space focused businesses contemplate the “Next Breakthrough Space Technology for Canada.” Meanwhile, Com Dev International subsidiary exactEarth Ltd., wins a contract with the Canadian government and the cost for the James Webb Space Telescope just keeps growing …

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