Gov. Gen. Michalle Jean & Prime Minister Stephen Harper. credit: Government of Canada.

Canadian Throne Speech Hints at Increase in Earth Observation for Arctic Sovereignty

The Conservatives Governments throne speech today, in advance of tomorrow’s budget, only hinted at possible increased funding for Earth Observation for Arctic sovereignty. The text of the speech which dealt with space was rather vague as you can see.

Canada has been a spacefaring nation for nearly 50 years. Our Government will extend support for advanced research, development and prototyping of new space-based technologies, especially in support of Arctic sovereignty.

Tomorrow’s Federal budget will include details on the Canadian Space Agency portion of the budget and SpaceRef Canada will provide complete coverage and analysis.

Editors’s update: There was another mention related to space infrastructure:

Our Government will open Canada’s doors further to venture capital and to foreign investment in key sectors, including the satellite and telecommunications industries, giving Canadian firms access to the funds and expertise they need. While safeguarding Canada’s national security, our Government will ensure that unnecessary regulation does not inhibit the growth of Canada’s uranium mining industry by unduly restricting foreign investment. It will also expand investment promotion in key markets.

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  1. This seems to be a continuation of the previous stimulus package of 120 million for 3 years. I’ve heard that the new long term space plan was targeting a budget increase of 300 million. Therefore, if the full long term space plan was approved, the wording in the throne speech would be more in line of “…increase Canada’s presence in space”. Interpretation could also be that DND space budget could increase as well.

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