Canadian Space Agency Requests Proposals To Display Canadarm At St. Hubert Headquarters

A Request For Proposal (RFP) was released this week by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) that will result in the display of the Canadian-built Canadarm which flew on the space shuttle Endeavour at its headquarters in St Hubert Qubec.

The CSA wants to develop an interactive exhibit around the Canadarm that will present its history and major accomplishments. The interactive exhibit will be a self-sufficient, creative, hands-on and highly interactive complement to the Canadarm display, using leading edge visitor-engagement technologies (known as intuitive “touchless” interactive technology).
Although it was announced last May that the arm would go to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, that decision has been reversed.
The arm will possibly be on display in the CSA’s lobby for 3 to 4 years, after which it may be moved to a museum for a long-term or permanent loan. If it is displayed at the CSA Headquarters, it will be displayed either in a horizontal position supported by a stand or in a vertical position bent at the elbow to form a ‘V’.
Through this exhibit, the CSA wants to achieve the following objectives:
i) Create greater awareness amongst the Canadian general public on one of Canada’s major accomplishment in space;
ii) Encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology.
iii) Emphasize and demonstrate how Canada is a world class leader in robotics
The contractor selected to build the display will have to research the complete history of the Canadarm project, develop visual, audio and video segments to profile the Canadarm and provide a detailed representation of the display in storyboard format.
The display must fit in area 3 cubic metres in size and be accessible to persons of all sizes. The lobby of the CSA is rather cavernous with a distinct echo, so all audio material will be conveyed using headphones.
Installation of the Canadarm in its first display location, is due March 31, 2012. The maximum value of the contract is $200,000

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