Canadian Astronauts Access to the ISS Will Continue After Shuttle is Retired

The US space program is scheduled to fly its last Space Shuttle mission late next year meaning Canada’s astronauts will have to ride a Russian Soyuz rocket if they are to visit the International Space Station (ISS). The Russians have been charging space tourists $35 million US of late and will be charging the US space program $51 million US per flight starting in 2016 to fly on a Soyuz.

However under an agreement signed with NASA the Canadian Space Agency will still be entitled to fly to the ISS with the US program until 2016. The only available ride up to the space station at this time is on a Soyuz. This effectively means NASA will be paying the Russians to fly Canadians to the space station. It should be noted though that at this time no Canadian is scheduled to fly to the space station anytime soon.
Source: Canada gets free rides to space even after U.S. suspends shuttle program, Tech Station

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