Canadian Space Agency Directors General Provide an Update and Opportunities for Canada’s Space Program

Canadian Space Agency Directors Panel. From left to right: Moderator Jacques Giroux from ABB, Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, DG Space Science and Technology, Eric Laliberte, DG Space Utilization, Gilles Leclerc, DG Space Exploration, and Mary Preville, DG Policy. Credit: CASI/SpaceQ.

The CASI ASTRO 18 conference provided the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Directors General (DG) an opportunity to provide an update on CSA activities and outline current and future opportunities. 

There was some new information provided by the DG’s. This included:

  • The RADARSAT Constellation Mission launch is tentatively set for November 7. We’ll have a more definitive date two months prior to launch.
  • The cooperative agreement with the European Space Agency will be renegotiated this year as the current agreement ends next year. The agreement must be approved by the government.
  • The next announcement of opportunity for the Space Technology Development Program is coming, and will be funded at $20 million as in the last two years.
  • A Space Capabilities Development Program (SCDP) Consultation Committee is being created.
  • Jean-Claude Piedboeuf will become the CSA CFO this week. Marie-Claude Guérard will become the new Director General, Space Science and Technology.
  • The CSA is looking at doing a mission with Environment Canada. Priorities for the mission would include greenhouse gases and measuring snow.
  • The Deep Space Gateway architecture designs are mature now after four years of work. First elements could launch by 2022. Canada will need to commit pretty soon to be a part of the partnership.
  • There might be an opportunity for a Canadian built Synthetic Aperture Radar for a future Mars mission which could be part of commercial partnership to inventory water on Mars.
  • The 2016 State of the Space Sector should be published around mid-June.

Below is the podcast of the CSA Directors General panel along with the presentation that was used by all of them.

The four Canadian Space Agency Director Generals in order of their speaking were, Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, Director General, Space Science and Technology, Eric Laliberte, Director General, Space Utilization, Gilles Leclerc, Director General, Space Exploration and Mary Preville, Director General, Policy.

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