Canadian Space Agency Awards $16 million for Space Technology Development Program AO 7

New Canadian Space Agency logo, light background version. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) recently released the list of 27 organizations that received funding under the Space Technology Development Program (STDP) AO 7. We’ve already covered some of the awards, but in the coming weeks you’ll see more detailed stories on the other awards.

Of the 27 organizations selected, 25 are SMEs. In total, 29 technology projects were selected. The CSA has other funding opportunities open.

The Ao 7 STDP awards were in four categories:

  • Space Research and Development: Advanced technologies
  • Space Research and Development: Small Businesses
  • Space Research and Development: Next-Wave Technologies
  • Space Research and Development: Quantum Technologies

Space Research and Development: Advanced Technologies

Chalk River, Ontario
$655,166Light Readout Technologies for Space-Bound Radiation Spectrometers
C6 Launch Systems
Strathroy Ontario
$653,660Advanced Laser Joining Techniques for Cryogenic Compatible Materials
Calian Advanced Technologies
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
$520,205High Performance RF Over IP
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Chalk River, Ontario
$999,831Advanced multifunctional materials for space applications (shielding and containment)
Canadian Space Mining Corporation
Toronto, Ontario
$1,000,000Fission Power
EarthDaily Analytics Corp.
Vancouver, British Columbia
$999,993Advanced Thermal Band Calibration and Processing for Small Satellite Missions
GHGSat Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
$1,000,000Pointing Mirror for Wide-Angle Fabry-Pérot Spectrometer
Kepler Communications Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
$1,000,000Development of Edge Computing Capability
Maya Heat Transfert Technologies Ltd.
Westmount, Quebec
$549,278Next Generation Methods for Environmental Heating Evaluation in Spacecraft Thermal Analysis
MDA Ste-Anne
Montreal, Quebec
$1,000,000Advanced Antenna and Electronic Technologies for Dually Polarized Direct Radiating Arrays
MDA Headquarters
Brampton, Ontario
$1,000,000End of Arm Compliance Mechanism (ECM)
Teledyne Optech
Vaughan, Ontario
$1,000,000Advances in 3D Imaging Lidar for Space Applications

Space Research and Development: Small Businesses

Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc.
Fredericton, New Brunswick
$190,095Enabling Accurate Landing for CubeSat Re-Entry and Satellite Reusability
Complex System Inc.
Calgary, Alberta
$247,500Satellite edge analytic platform for scalable AI
Edgehog Advanced Technologies
Montreal, Quebec
$243,830Development of next-generation anti-reflection nanotexturing on alternative space glass
Eternal Light Photonics Corp.
Westmount, Quebec
$250,000Laser Development for a Spaceborne Optical Wireless Power Transmission System
Nüvü Caméras
Montreal, Quebec
$250,000Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Controller for Counting Photons
Obruta Space Solutions Corp.
Ottawa, Ontario
$222,398Computer Vision for Autonomous Spacecraft Docking
Obruta Space Solutions Corp.
Ottawa, Ontario
$222,381Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Autonomous Spacecraft Docking
Markham, Ontario
$250,000Machine learning based beamforming algorithms for satellite communications
TransEON Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta
$250,000GaN MOSFET MMICs for Next-Generation Spaceborne RF Applications

Space Research and Development: Next-Wave Technologies

GHGSat Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
$272,658Innovative Miniaturized Instrument for Satellite-Based Methane Monitoring
Kilncore Inc.
Sutton, Quebec
$500,000Kilncore Fusion: High-Temperature Powder Transformation System
Laboratoire Reaction Dynamics
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
$450,000Development of Enabling Technologies for a High-Performance Upper Stage for an Orbital Launch Vehicle
Mission Control Space Services Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario
$499,825Towards Autonomous Capabilities for Orbital Servicing

Space Research and Development: Quantum Technologies

evolutionQ Inc.
Waterloo, Ontario
$270,249Integrated Fiber and QKD Network Laboratory Environment
QEYnet Inc.
Maple, Ontario
$499,905Vulnerability Mitigation of a Quantum Source for Space-Based Quantum Communication
Sherbrooke, Quebec
$500,000MagQSpace – high accuracy diamond magnetometry for space exploration
Single Quantum Systems Inc.
Kitchener, Ontario
$500,000Impact of orbital radiation on next-generation high-performance semiconductor nanowire single-photon detectors

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