Iain Christie

Founder and CEO at SideKickSixtyFive Consulting and host of the Terranauts podcast. Iain is a seasoned business executive with deep understanding of the space business and government procurement policy. Iain worked for 22 years at Neptec including as CEO. He was a VP at the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, is a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab and a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.

Terranauts – Making Lemonade

Gemini VI Views Gemini VII

When we left the Gemini program in the last this episode of the Terranauts podcast, President Lyndon B Johnson was just stepping up the microphone at his ranch in Texas to explain how NASA was going to respond to the failure of Gemini 6 barely 72 hours previously.

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And in Conclusion – Part 7 of An Entrepreneurial Space Series

And in conclusion - Entrepreneurial Space Series.

This is part 7 of my 6 part series on An Entrepreneurial Space.  Yes, you read that right.  I started this series with six parts in mind talking about the various "players" in the world of Entrepreneurial Space.  By the end of the last part, though, I felt like a bit more was needed to bring the whole summarizes together.  And since the last article …

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Best Supporting Actor? Part 6 of An Entrepreneurial Space Series

Space and the Canadian government

This is part 6 of my series on An Entrepreneurial Space.  If you have not read the previous parts, I would suggest that you might want to do so before starting on this one as they will provide some much-needed context. In the previous articles we have talked about The Journey that the Founders of space companies make and some of the characters they encounter …

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To Market, To Market – Part 5 of An Entrepreneurial Space Series

marketplace disruption

This is the fifth in the series of articles on a little drama that I have been calling "An Entrepreneurial Space."  If you haven't read the previous chapters, you might want to look them up prior to reading this one, as they provide some valuable context. So far in the series we have introduced the main players that appear in the life of an entrepreneurial …

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Wherefore Art Thou, Customer? – Part 4 of An Entrepreneurial Space Series 

A crowd

This the fourth installment in the series on An Entrepreneurial Space.  If you have not read the previous articles you may want to take a moment to do that before reading this one.  So far in this series we have talked about the general features that define entrepreneurial space businesses.  We have talked about The Founders of those businesses and the journey they take from …

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