ABB to Build Four More Hyperspectral Sensors for GHGSat

Artist illustration of GHGSat satellites in orbit with ABB sensors. Image credit: GHGSat.

Québec City based ABB Canada announced last week that it would be building four more hyperspectral cameras for GHGSat and that they would be delivered in 2024.

This is the third contract ABB has secured with GHGSat, a leader in greenhouse gas emission detection from space. GHGSat has previously built 10 sensors for GHGSat.

The four new hyperspectral sensors will be outfitted on GHGSat satellites C12, C13, C14 and C15 and are expected to launch sometime in 2024. It was only weeks ago that GHGSat had three more satellites launched, C9, C10, C11. The company has 11 active emission detection satellites on-orbit of which six have launched this year.

ABB has a long history developing a variety of spectrometers and multi and hyperspectral sensors including for the Canadian Space Agency’s long running SCISAT which launched 20 years ago and is still operating.

Marc Corriveau, Head of Global Operations, Business Line Analytical, ABB Measurement & Analytics said, “the new contract is a testament to GHGSat’s confidence in ABB’s manufacturing capabilities to build complex, high-performing optical payloads for hyperspectral earth observation. This year, we doubled our manufacturing infrastructure dedicated to space projects, so that we can better serve the booming private space sector. We strive to contribute to the success of our current customers as we expand to other Earth observation mandates.”

Stéphane Germain, CEO, GHGSat added, “our collaboration, which began in 2018, has showcased ABB’s technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities. This experience has fortified our belief in ABB’s capacity to support GHGSat’s expansion in building proprietary high-resolution payloads. Such partnerships are the key to achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately making a concrete impact in the battle against climate change.”

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