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Canada to Launch 15 University Built Satellites by 2020

CubeSat deployment expedition 33

It is unprecedented and it’s about time. The announcement that the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) had selected 15 university teams to participate in the Canadian CubeSat Project was made last Friday at the University of Manitoba by astronaut Jenni Sidey. The selected teams insure that there is representation from every province and territory. This is a national endeavour.

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SmallSat Conference Sees Black Brant Rocket CubeSat Deployer Proposal and New Canadian Rocketry Competition Proposed

Magellan Aerospace presentation slide showing captive payload configuration

The last day of the Canadian SmallSat Symposium saw something unusual happen. Typically at conferences the last couple of sessions are poorly attended as many attendees are already headed home. That was the case for the SmallSat Symposium except for a core group of rocket professionals and enthusiasts.

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