ScanEx Starts to Sell RADARSAT-2 Satellite Data Products

ScanEx of Russia has finalized a distribution agreement with MDA Geospatial Services Inc. to be an official distributor of Canada’s RADARSAT-2 satellite. The application of RADARSAT-2 images will expand the possibilities of radar satellite monitoring of natural and man-made objects and phenomena in Russia.

ScanEx has been using RADARSAT-1 data since 2004 and is used primarily to provide operational satellite-based maritime and flood monitoring services.
Primary areas of RADARSAT-2 data applications include maritime monitoring, forestry and agriculture, geology, cartography, operational monitoring during emergencies, monitoring of surface displacements of the Earth and objects on it using interferometric image processing. The RADARSAT-2 satellite has all 7 imaging modes available from RADARSAT-1 plus 5 more imaging modes. In addition it has 4 polarization types compared only 1 on RADARSAT-1.

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