Four Decades of Research on Massive Stars: A Scientific Meeting in the Honour of Anthony F.J. Moffat

Date: July 11 -15, 2011
Location: Saint-Michel-des-Saints, QC J0K 3B0
Web Site:
About: We are organizing a meeting to celebrate four decades of contributions of Professor Anthony F.J. Moffat to massive-star research. Since his first papers on open clusters in the early 70’s, Tony’s research interests have expanded in many directions to cover a multitude of aspects of massive stars. The meeting will encompass the following main subjects on which he has worked during his career:
– Young open star clusters: keys to understanding massive stars
– Galactic structure and dynamics; runaway stars
– Massive binaries: orbits, masses, mass-loss rates, binary frequency, colliding winds, dust formation
– The most massive stars
– The true nature of clumping in hot stellar winds and its consequences
– Rotation and magnetic fields
– Pulsations (e.g. MOST and soon BRITE-Constellation)
– WR surveys (Galactic and extra-galactic)
– The Program Organizing Comittee will consider any proposed contributions but priority will be given to those that are related to the selected themes for this meeting.

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