David Saint-Jacques Speaks to Students to Mark Earth Day

David Saint-Jacques speaks to students about Earth Day. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) held a contest for students for the Exploring Earth activity. The winning school was Stonepark Intermediate School of Prince Edward Island. Their prize? An interactive session to mark Earth Day with astronaut David Saint-Jacques who is on the International Space Station.

Today David Saint-Jacques held that interactive session with students of Stonepark Intermediate School. The event was broadcast live online so that anyone could watch.

The event was also an opportunity to mark Earth Day which was celebrated this past Monday, April 22.

The Explore Earth activity is an online education opportunity for students. According to the CSA, for this activity “David Saint-Jacques takes photos of Earth from the International Space Station. These photos are then georeferenced on an interactive world map and used to explain how our planet and our environment work.”

Jeremy Hansen, another of one of the four active CSA astronauts, was at the school today to act as the moderator between the students and David Saint-Jacques.

Watch the full live video.


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