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Wyvern and Loft Orbital Extend Partnership for Hyperspectral Data

Generation 1 hyperspectral satellites. Credit: Wyvern.

Wyvern announced today that they will build on their previous partnership with Loft Orbital adding more capacity which will provide more data for their customers including other use cases.

The deal means Wyvern won’t need to build, launch or operate additional satellites. Instead, Loft Orbital which bills itself as a space infrastructure as a service model company, will provide the satellites, sensors and larger downlink capacity.

Wyvern has three 6U Dragonette satellites in orbit built by AAC Clyde Space, the last launched in November 2023.

Wyvern said “by expanding the Dragonette constellation, Wyvern can serve a broader range of customers and use cases, including agriculture and environmental monitoring, mining prospecting, defense and disaster management. The expanded constellation not only increases data volume and coverage but also ensures improved revisit rates while providing the data with greater reliability and precision.”

Loft Orbital’s satellites include a hyperspectral imager but can also include “video, thermal and wide-swath imagers as well as RF payloads.” They added that “each spacecraft also incorporates onboard compute and connectivity resources to use in tandem with the sensing resources to enable real time analysis of data collected for low-latency applications. These high-performance satellite platforms enable rapid and affordable access to novel datasets, like hyperspectral imagery.”

Wyvern’s Chief Revenue Officer, Thomas VanMatre said, “Adding additional capacity to our constellation enables Wyvern to better serve our growing customer base. Loft takes care of the infrastructure so that we can focus on what matters most to our customers.”

Gautier Brunet, VP of Business Development at Loft Orbital added, “We’re excited to support Wyvern’s mission by providing access to high-quality hyperspectral data. Our infrastructure is designed to provide a rapid and simple path to orbit, enabling companies like Wyvern to focus on data and analytics rather than the complexities of deploying and operating a large space project.”

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