Venus Transits the Face of the Sun. Credit: NASA.

Today is your Last Chance to see the Transit of Venus Until 2117

Today Venus will cross the face of the sun – as seen from Earth beginning at 6:09 PM EDT. These transits are rare – they occur in pairs and only every century or so. The last transit was in 2004. So today is your last chance to see the transit of Venus until 2117. Events will occur across the country.

We will broadcast live the transit starting at 5:30 p.m. EDT NASA’s coverage of this rare event. However we also encourage you to view the transit in person. We’ve provided a series of links to various resources you can use to best appreciate this rare experience.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Transit of Venus information
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada location map for event viewing
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Safely viewing the transit
Astronomers Without Borders: Phone & Online Technology Brought to Transit of Venus
Sky & Telescope: Your Complete Go-to Guide for June’s Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus Webcast from Mount Wilson Observatory
Last Chance for a Century to Witness the Transit of Venus
2012 Transit of Venus Expeditions Rival Captain Cook’s
Science Planned on JCMT During Transit of Venus
ISS Crew to Observe & Photograph Transit of Venus
ESA missions gear up for transit of Venus
Solar Dynamics Observatory to Observe Venus Transit
NASA Glenn Joins in Venus Transit Activities
Venus, A Planetary Portrait of Inner Beauty
Hubble to Use Moon as Mirror to See Venus Transit
Video: The Coming Transit of Venus the Last in Your Lifetime

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