The Water on Mars Podcast With Western’s Gordon Osinski

Concept image of drilling for water on Mars. Credits: NASA Langley Advanced Concepts Lab/Analytical Mechanics Associates.

The Red Planet has fascinated humanity for hundreds of years, if not millennia. The debate about whether there is and was water on Mars began to heat up once we sent the first spacecraft to the planet.

Today, 47 years after the first spacecraft began to orbit Mars we’re quite confident some type of liquid flowed on the surface, likely water. But is there liquid water on the planet today?

My guest this week is Professor Gordon Osinski, Director of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University. We talked about the history of water on Mars and the possibility of liquid water on Mars today.

We know the Martian polar caps contain water ice. However unlike Earths polar caps, the Martian polar caps are a combination of water ice and carbon dioxide ice.

Also, recently there was news that there may a lake of water under the surface of the Martian south polar cap. Is this really the case? And what are the implications for human exploration should it be verified that there’s liquid water on Mars today?

Listen in.

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