The property problem in space

Property in space - Deep Space Industries Harvestor. Credit: SpaceRef/DSI.

In this, the second episode of our special podcast series Doing Business in the Solar System, we discuss the issue of property in space.

Doing Business in the Solar System is a 10 part series on the Space Economy podcast hosted by Elizabeth Howell, SpaceQ’s Associate Editor. The series will air every other week in-between our regular episodes.

It’s hard to believe how fast private spaceflight is expanding across the solar system. We’ve seen companies fly cargo and people to the International Space Station. Other companies do business in telecommunications, observations or other activities in Earth orbit. Next might be the Moon. Later this decade, NASA wants to partner with private companies for lunar exploration. But what kind of legal questions need to be considered? Can we really mine other worlds, and if we do, what are the ramifications for space companies?

To answer these questions, today we’ll speak with Ram Jakhu. He is acting director at the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law in Montreal, Canada. Some of his many fields of research include international space law, law of space commercialization, and government regulation of space activities.

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