The human connection – the astronauts who would fly in Gemini

Gemini astronauts in full pressure suits. Credit: NASA.

In this episode of the Terranauts podcast we take a bit of break from talking about the development of the technology for the Gemini Program and go back and take a look at what the humans that would fly – both in orbit and from the ground – have been up to. 

According to NASA “Gemini 3 was the first crewed Earth-orbiting spacecraft of the Gemini series. It was piloted by astronauts Virgil ‘Gus’ Grissom and John Young, with the primary objective of demonstrating the crewed qualifications of the Gemini spacecraft including evaluation of the two-man Gemini design, the worldwide tracking network, the orbit attitude and maneuver system (OAMS), the control of reentry flight path and landing point, spacecraft systems, and spacecraft recovery. Secondary objectives included evaluation of flight crew equipment and effects of low level launch vehicle oscillations (POGO) on the crew, performance of three experiments, and to obtain photographic coverage from orbit.”

Diagram of the Gemini capsule. Credit: NASA History Office.
Credit: NASA History Office.

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