The first residents of the Moon and Mars are today’s students

A Virtual Fireside Chat: The First Residents of the Moon & Mars are Today's Students. Credit: NASA/ The Aldrin Family Foundation.

This past week the Aldrin Family Foundation and NASA’s Office of Stem Engagement held a virtual fireside chat with the theme of the first residents of the Moon and Mars are today’s students.

This Science Weekend feature included three astronauts who shared their stories of how education and historic milestones in space played a role in their career decisions.

The astronauts were asked:

“What led them to apply for the Astronauts Corps? Why did they later turn to research and education? How are they striving to make a difference today as space industry leaders? Viewers will also learn about the wealth of teaching tools and digital resources that are at their disposal to support the virtual and physical education of the first residents of the Moon and Mars: the Artemis Generation.”

“Whether you are a teacher, parent, or high school/college student, this one-hour conversation is designed with you in mind. You’ll walk away confident that today’s youth are poised to be a part of something truly spectacular as we return to the Moon … and this time to stay.”

The astronauts included:

  • Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, NASA Astronaut & Director, Aerospace Human Systems Laboratory Texas A&M University College of Engineering.
  • Dr. Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Astronaut, NASA.
  • Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg, NASA Astronaut & Professor of Engineering Practice Texas A&M University.

The event was moderated by:

  • Dr. Andy Aldrin, President, Aldrin Family Foundation.
  • Mike Kincaid, Associate Administrator, NASA Office of STEM Engagement.

Watch the first residents of the Moon and Mars are today’s students

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