The Canadian Space Agency Awards $1.534 Million to COM DEV for a Hyperspectral Imager Technology Development

Credit: CSA/SpaceQ.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has awarded a $1.534 million to COM DEV (Honeywell Canada) for a Focal Plane Array for Coastal & Inland Water Color Hyperspectral Imager as part of the Space Technology Development Program.

Another Priority Technology Contract

The CSA announced through the Public Works and Government Services Canada Buy and Sell website Monday that it has issued another contract for the development of enabling space technologies request for proposals (RFP) issued last year as part of the Space Technology Development Program.

COM DEV Awarded Focal Plane Array for Coastal & Inland Water Color Hyperspectral Imager Contract (Soliciation 9F063-160953/B – PT-1)

According to the CSA “this technology development is targeted for the Coastal Ocean Color Imager (COCI), a high performance next-generation water color hyperspectral payload for a future Canadian water color satellite or considered as a Canadian payload contributed to an upcoming international Ocean Color mission, such as NASA’s PACE mission. Future earth observation and planetary missions as well as rover payloads will benefit from high TRL FPA solution ready for integration in the instrument.”

The CSA describes “the goal of this project is to raise the TRL of hyperspectral FPA to TRL 4 to mitigate the risk associated with adoption of mission critical technology for flight.”

This contract award comes a week after the CSA announced it had awarded a contract to ITRES Research for a Breadboard of Next Generation Coastal and Inland Water Color Imaging Spectrometer.

The two contracts means the CSA’s Development of enabling space technologies solicitation #9F063-160953/B is now completely funded.

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