Terranauts Recreates Project Mercury in the Kerbal Space Program

Recreating NASA's Project Mercury, the Redstone mission in the Kerbal Space Program. Credit: Iain Christie.

In this episode of A Terranaut Plays Kerbal Space Program, Terranauts host Iain Christie attempts to recreate the NASA Project Mercury Redstone mission.

Terranauts podcast host Iain Christie is offering a new fun and educational video series called A Terranaut Plays Kerbal Space Program.

If you’ve never heard about the Kerbal Space Program we wrote an article on the very popular game in August of 2020 titled the Space Flight Simulator Gap.

The new Terranaut video series uses the game to illustrate some of the concepts Iain talks about in the Terranauts Guide to Leaving the Planet series. All the episodes will be posted to YouTube. In this the third episode, Iain attempts to recreate the NASA Project Mercury Redstone mission which saw Al Shepard became the first American to go to space on January 19, 1961.

Watch Project Merkury

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