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Stratodynamics to offer larger payloads to the stratosphere

Stratodynamics HiDRON in flight.

Stratodynamics Aviation Inc. was awarded $247K in funding from the Canadian Space Agency for further research in suborbital aerodynamics and remote sensing from its HiDRON glider. A company spokesperson told SpaceQ the glider concept is part of a larger long term plan to evolve the HiDRON into a suborbital space plane which could one day be used on Mars. This page is for subscribers only. …

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The Virgin Galactic experience will be priceless

Virgin Galactic spaceship cabin interior

Virgin Galactic unveiled the slick cabin interior of its space tourist and suborbital research spaceship yesterday. For the "hundreds and thousands" who will first experience flying briefly to space, the experience will be priceless. Of course it's also expensive at over US$250K a ticket for tourists. But wait, what about the rest of us? This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. …

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Suborbital Commercialization Takes a Step Forward with Virgin Galactic Unveiling of SpaceShipTwo

Leave it to Sir Richard Branson to put on a show. A lavish unveiling was scheduled for SpaceShipTwo now known as Virgin Mothership (VMS) Eve carrying Virgin Space Ship (VSS) Enterprise. Unfortunately mother nature was not being co-operative with strong winds and a frigid night with even the possibility of snow. Leaving the theatrics behind after a roll-out of the VMS Eve carrying VSS Enterprise …

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