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NASA Sets Date for Boeing Starliner Crew Flight Test

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft approaches the International Space Station on May 20, 2022.

NASA has set a tentative date of No Earlier Than (NET) Monday, April 22, 2024 for what is expected to be the final test flight of the Starliner capsule. Should this Crew Flight Test (CFT) go smoothly then the Starliner-1 mission with Canadian astronaut Joshua Kutryk onboard would launch NET early 2025.

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RCAF 100th Anniversary Highlights Include Two Canadian Astronaut Missions in 2025

Canadian astronauts Joshua Kutryk (left) and Jeremy Hansen (right) seize the opportunity to fly together before the start of astronaut training. Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, they were both pilots with the Canadian Armed Forces. In this picture, they are standing in front of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 2017 Canada 150 CF-18 Demonstration Hornet

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will celebrate its 100th anniversary on April 1 with a lot of news to report in astronaut missions as well. Service members, and Canadian Space Agency astronauts Col. Jeremy Hansen and Col. Josh Kutryk were assigned to two space missions, respectively, in 2023. Hansen will be the first non-American to fly around the Moon on Artemis 2 in 2025, …

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Joshua Kutryk: Looking Forward to Starliner

Astronaut Joshua Kutryk undergoes NBL training. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

The last time SpaceQ caught up with Canadian astronaut Joshua Kutryk (in March 2022), he was spending his time ferrying NASA personnel in his Northrop T-38 jet, supporting spacewalkers on the International Space Station, and preparing the agency to fly the Boeing Starliner space capsule.

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