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New Parliamentary Space Caucus Created

Conservative MP Jay Aspin

Conservative MP Jay Aspin (Nipissing-Timiskaming) announced on Wednesday, November 26 that he was the Chair of a new Parliamentary Space Caucus that will focus on the priorities of the space sector. Aspin is also the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Aerospace Caucus.

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Canada's New $5 Bill Unveiled In Space

Canada’s new and more secure $5 and $10 polymer bank notes were unveiled today at the Bank of Canada’s Ottawa head office, and from aboard the International Space Station. Both of the new notes will begin circulating, at the same time, this November.

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Austerity Budget Won't Help Space Sector

For those in the space sector hoping that this Thursday’s federal budget would provide some new programs or spending, the tea leaves we’re reading say otherwise. In fact with an austerity budget on tap the Canadian Press is reporting that discretionary spending will be down.

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