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From the X Prize to Mining Asteroids: An Interview With Peter Diamandis – Space Quarterly Magazine Archive

Peter Diamandis

This past week the X Prize Foundation announced it had resurrected the Lunar X Prize. This announcement was unprecedented in the X Prize Foundation history. Combined with the increasing interest in asteroid mining we thought it useful to present this interview by Eva-Jane Lark with X Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis which first appeared in Space Quarterly Magazine in June 2012.

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Lunar X Prize Entrant Moon Express to Carry Telescope

Clear, dark skies, a simple telescope, and a solid support for your telescope are all you need to discover the universe. The surface of the Moon would be an excellent place to set up camp and stargaze. Too bad the Moon has been so unreachable by private citizens, at least, until now.

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The Mouse on the Moon – Plan B Enters Google Lunar X Prize

Last Thursday the X Prize Foundation announced the final entries in the Google Lunar X Prize and the lone Canadian entry was submitted and approved just before the deadline. The official roster of entered teams now stands at 29 from four continents. They are vying for a total of $30 million in prizes. To win the teams must send a robot to the Moon and …

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