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Astronaut Saint-Jacques takes final steps towards journey to spaceflight

His Expedition 56 backup duties completed, David Saint-Jacques watches the launch of his friends

BAIKONUR, KAZAKHSTAN – As the world’s attention was focused on the Expedition 56/57 crew launch here Wednesday, David Saint-Jacques worked quietly to make sure that his crewmates were prepared for their journey to the International Space Station. Among his duties was holding a video camera during suit-up, to document the activities as the crew was sealed in their spacesuits.

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University of Calgary Researchers Partner with the Canadian Space Agency on ISS Health Experiment

Funding for University of Calgary researcher Giuseppe Iaria's Wayfinding project was announced on Wednesday by the Canadian Space Agency. Pictured with Iaria, at right, are Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, centre, and grad student Ford Burles, a member of the Wayfinding team. Credit: Riley Brandt, University of Calgary.

Anyone who has watched a science fiction movie about travelling in space knows that the weightless environment of microgravity on a space ship affects your ability to navigate and orient yourself. But in real life, the impact of microgravity on an astronaut’s brain both in space and after returning to earth has received very little scientific attention.

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