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Eagle Flight Network and C-CORE Sign MOU on Ground Station Network

Inuvik ground station

Alberta-based Eagle Flight Network (EFN) and Newfoundland-based C-CORE have announced that they will be working together to build a new ground station in Canada. They have “entered into a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to advance both company’s interests in the satellite ground station services business,” and will “work together to build a robust industry-led satellite ground segment in Canada.” 

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Natural Resources Canada in Apparent Conflict of Interest Over Ground Station Licensing

The new commercial ground station built by New North Networks

While innovation is seemingly in every funding press release issued by the government, there’s little innovation happening in Ottawa’s bureaucracy, and that’s hampering business to the point that foreign investment dollars in Canada’s space sector might head for more responsive countries. Throw in an apparent government conflict of interest, and you’ve got a Made in Ottawa bureaucratic migraine for the government.

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