Craig Bamford

Craig started writing for SpaceQ in 2017 as their space culture reporter, shifting to Canadian business and startup reporting in 2019. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, and has a Master's Degree in International Security from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. He lives in Toronto.

Space Engine Systems Selected for UK’s Billion-Pound Hypersonic Technologies Framework

Hypersonic spaceplane illustration

Edmonton's Space Engine Systems (SES) has achieved a milestone in their quest to become a player in hypersonic propulsion. The company was named as one of ninety potential vendors for the UK’s Hypersonic Technologies and Capability Development Framework, a £1 billion (CAD $1.74 billion) program intended to develop the United Kingdom’s hypersonic missile capabilities. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. …

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CanSat Challenge Has Students Designing and Building Can-Sized Satellites

Larry Reeves and competitors with a CanSat satellite

The Canadian CanSat Design Challenge (CCSDC) recently finished the 2023-2024 launch campaign. The four-day event near Lethbridge, Alberta, was an opportunity for high school students to build tiny simulated satellites the size of a pop can, with an eye to developing an interest in space and a better understanding of the skills and requirements involved in satellites.

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Eagle Flight Network and C-CORE Sign MOU on Ground Station Network

Inuvik ground station

Alberta-based Eagle Flight Network (EFN) and Newfoundland-based C-CORE have announced that they will be working together to build a new ground station in Canada. They have “entered into a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to advance both company’s interests in the satellite ground station services business,” and will “work together to build a robust industry-led satellite ground segment in Canada.” 

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Metaspectral Team Reaches XPRIZE Wildfire Semi-finals

XPRIZE Wildfire challenge

Vancouver-based Metaspectral has announced that a team created by the company has reached the semi-finals of the XPRIZE Wildfire competition. Eight other Canadian entries failed to make the cut. The XPRIZE Wildfire competition is a four year, multi-track, $11 million USD competition focused on developing technologies that can mitigate wildfires. According to XPRIZE, it is intended to “transform current wildfire management approaches through the development of …

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Is Rogers Wavering on SpaceX’s Direct-to-Cell Service? (Updated)

Direct to cell. Direct t0 device. Direct to smartphone. Image credit: SpaceX, Rogers.

SpaceX’s Starlink is slowly getting closer to rolling out direct-to-smartphone satellite telephony in Canada and elsewhere, with several key milestones being hit in the last few months. In Canada, their terrestrial partner for providing those capabilities will be Rogers, but questions still exist as to when and how these capabilities will be implemented, and why Rogers seems to be hedging their bets on whether to …

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Canadensys Wins Contract to Help Design Test Demonstrator for Lunar Greenhouse

Illustration of a Lunar Greenhouse ground test demonstrator. Image credit: Canadensys Aerospace.

Bolton, Ontario’s Canadensys Aerospace has received a contract with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to work on lunar agriculture. According to the announcement, they will specifically be assisting with design work on subsystems for a “Ground Test Demonstrator” (GTD) of a Lunar Greenhouse. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. Fact-driven space news, columns, business, policy, technology and more. Support independent journalism. …

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