Sierra Space on the Space Economy Podcast

Uncrewed Dream Chaser in production. Credit: Sierra Space.

The Space Economy podcast is back for a sixth season with a wide variety of guests scheduled including first time guest Matthew Mejía of Sierra Space, the 2021 spinoff from the Sierra Nevada Corporation.

Matthew Mejía is the recently appointed Chief Strategy & Development Officer. The timing of this interview was perfect as they just announced today the creation of a new division, Sierra Space Ventures. Matthew explains in some detail the new division along with providing an update on their other existing programs including their spaceplane Dream Chaser, their planned private space station Orbital Reef and the Life Habitats.

Matthew joined the company this past February from Renaissance Strategic Advisors. He has over twenty years of aerospace and defense experience in finance, management consulting, strategy, and investment banking. Previously, he served as CFO and EVP Strategy & Investor Relations at Aerion Supersonic, a pioneering startup focused on sustainable, high-speed aviation.

Listen in.

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