Podcast Episode 15: Matt Bamsey Talks Safe Food Production in Space

Inside the EDEN ISS greenhouse. Credit: EDEN ISS Consortium Project/DLR/ESA.

My guest today is Matt Bamsey a Research Associate at the DLR, the German Space Agency. Matt is Canadian and was one of the 17 finalists in the Canadian Space Agency astronaut recruitment campaign. Before joining the DLR in 2013, Matt had been a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Florida and the University of Guelph where he received his PhD in Environmental Biology. He had also previously worked at the Canadian Space Agency.

I first met Matt at the Haughton Mars Crater on Devon Island when he was a student intern at the Canadian Space Agency and a undergrad at Carleton University. My company SpaceRef had donated a greenhouse, what became known as the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse, to the Haughton Mars Project. The greenhouse shell was built by myself, my business partner Keith Cowing, and many others at the Haughton Mars Project. Matt, who was working with the greenhouse science project lead, Alain Berinstein of the Canadian Space Agency, helped install the equipment and cultivate the crops.

Matt Bamsey, the astronaut candidates during the third series of aptitude tests
Matt Bamsey, the astronaut candidates during the third series of aptitude tests. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.
Rendering of the EDEN ISS greenhouse in Antarctica.
Rendering of the EDEN ISS greenhouse in Antarctica. Credit: EDEN ISS Consortium Project/DLR/ESA.

Matt is now working on the EDEN ISS Consortium project at the DLR. The EDEN ISS project is a ground demonstration of plant cultivation technologies for safe food production in space. The ground demonstration includes an advanced greenhouse that will be shipped to Antarctic in the second week of October where it will arrive in mid-December. Matt will be part of the first team to setup the greenhouse at the German Neumayer Station III.

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