Nüvü Caméras Improves on the HNü EMCCD Line of Cameras

Nüvü Caméras has improved the performance of its already popular HNü EMCCD line of cameras.

According to Nüvü the HNü now has a pixel readout rate of 20 MHz for the three standard sizes of grade 1 scientific EMCCD detectors including the 1024×1024. Nüvü said “(the) technology is opening the doors to a variety of novel imaging methods requiring the fastest frame rates in photon counting imaging at megapixel resolution. It is now possible to image for any chosen field of view without compromising on acquisition speed or optimal precision.”
According to Nüvü, the thermoelectrically-cooled HNü cameras offer the highest single photon detection probability (>91%) and the highest image quality due to their proprietary technology.
For more information on the improvements you can check out the Nüvü Caméras web site.

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