New Canadian Astronauts Complete Basic Training

Canada’s two newest astronauts, Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques, have now completed their two year basic training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Having completed their basic training the two astronauts have now been assigned new duties.

Hansen is being assigned to the International Space Station Operations Branch and will assume the role of Crew Support Astronaut for Expedition 33/34 which includes supporting fellow Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s upcoming mission where he will command the International Space Station (ISS).

Saint-Jacques has been assigned duties at the Robotics Branch and will include training and operations related to the European Robotic Arm.

Both astronauts are now eligible for long-duration missions on the ISS. However neither has been assigned a flight as Canada continues to negotiate with their ISS partners for future astronaut slots on missions to the ISS.

“Through diligence and hard work, Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques have earned the respect of their astronaut colleagues,” said the President of the CSA, Steve MacLean. “Our newest astronauts have come through with flying colours and are proud members of Canada’s Astronaut Corps.”

The Canadian Space Agency also released new video today of both astronauts receiving basic spacewalking skills training in the Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Lab pool.

David Saint-Jacques Astronaut Training (Video)
Jeremy Hansen Astronaut Training Part 1 (Video)
Jeremy Hansen Astronaut Training Part 2 (Video)

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