New Book Inspires Young People to Build Scientific Toys

A new book encourages young people to build wooden toys and in the process, learn simple scientific principles.

Taylor’s Pneumatic Toys – How to Build Toys out of Wood with your Children by Stanley R. Taylor provides instructions on how to build various toys which utilize several important scienctific principles.
All the toys in the book are pneumatic, using air to apply the force.Using a syringe, students can build model cars with brakes, front end loaders and a pneumatically controlled version of the Canadarm.
For each toy, there are drawings and pictures of the toy and instructions on how to construct it.
Taylor says the designs have been used by both children and adults:
I’ve designed pneumatic toys elementary and secondary students can build using wood. I have drawings and pictures of each toy with instructions on how to build them. Children have the opportunity to learn the joy of working with wood to the construction of an end product. Children and adults alike have learned through my workshops how to make many of the toys in this book. The sparkle in the eye of a child and the broad smile of an educator when they have made the toy and when they see it working is most gratifying. I am not a carpenter. My ‘toys’ are available for everyone to build and with care, should last a lifetime. Buy my book and let the fun begin!

Author Stan Taylor
Taylor is a professional educator and is active with the Science Teachers of Ontario.
Taylor’s Pneumatic Toys – How to Build Toys Out of Wood with your Children” is available from Chapters/Indigo, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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