Neptec Awarded Phase A Contract for Space Station Dextre Deployable Vision System

Neptec has been awarded a Phase A contract by the Canadian Space Agency to design a Dextre Deployable Vision System (DDVS) with the two-fold goal of providing increased inspection capability for the International Space Station (ISS) and to evolve Canada’s capability space vision expertise for future space exploration opportunities.

The contract duration is eight months and valued at $1,954,369.10. The result of this Phase A will be a System Requirement Review (SRR) for the design concept.
Once the Phase A is complete and should the project proceed to the next stage a competitive tender will be issued.
According to Canadian Space Agency “this new capability combines existing vision system technologies such as laser scanning, infrared sensors as well as high definition cameras in a novel robotically-compatible instrument. It will contribute directly to the general maintenance and upkeep required to keep the ISS operational, enhancing ISS inspection ability to support operations and maintenance of the aging ISS infrastructure, including Canada’s Mobile Servicing System (Canadarm2 and Dextre).”
The new capability has the following mission objectives:
– Provide enhanced external surface inspection service to the ISS
– Advance technologies needed for future exploration missions
– Robotic Mobility
– Minimize changes to the ISS operations practices
– Inspire Canadians

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