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NASA Releases Detailed Flyby View of the Lunar Gateway

Lunar Gateway Close-up - Canadarm3. Image credit: NASA.

NASA has released a detailed flyby video of the Lunar Gateway, a key part of the Artemis program. The 2 minute visualization gives a you a good sense of he elements that make up the Gateway, including Canada’s contribution, the Canadarm3.

NASA has slightly modified how it refers to the Lunar Gateway, now preferring to call it the Gateway Space Station. It’s now described as “a space station in lunar orbit enabling long-term human exploration at the Moon and new opportunities for scientific discovery as a foundational system to support NASA’s Artemis campaign.”

The following graphic outlines all the current contributions to the Artemis Mission including the Gateway.

As for when the Gateway will be assembled in lunar orbit, NASA recently said “on-orbit assembly of the fully realized Gateway space station will commence with the Artemis IV mission that will launch no earlier than September 2028.”

Gateway Space Station Visualization

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